Meet the Wrecking Crew, WreckedGamers' team of misfits, in alphabetical order...



The man behind the curtain

Praetor, for short, is one of the founders of WreckedGamers and "praetor" of the Actium gaming community, which is where most of the Wrecking Crew originally met. He administers some of the WreckedGamers servers, and this website (both the front-end stuff you can see, and the back-end code that makes it work) is his project. As games go, he's pretty casual unless you're talking about RTS games, in which genre he used to be a ranked tournament player way back in the day. He's also one of the "old farts" of the group.



The adminimonster

Another of the original "old guard" from Actium, Arithia administers some of the WreckedGamers servers. He's also one of the family men of the Wrecking Crew, so the occasional child's voice in a recording is likely his progeny weighing in on how the game is going.



The ever sleepy

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The overworked

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Destroyer of worlds

HomeFry is a fairly hardcore gamer, well, "hardcore" in the sense that he tends to be extremely good at most games. An ex-tournament FPS player, a phenomenally fast learner, and a leveling machine makes him a tough opponent to humans and NPCs alike. He's also one of the most renowned leaders in many of the games he plays, and in Tera he was the most popular vanguard leader in the game, by popular vote. He is also one of the original Actium founders and helped form WreckedGamers.



Resident musical nerd

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The silent protagonist

Mint is a quiet powerhouse; he speaks infrequently but more than makes up for the silence with a quick wit. He's also the resident Minecraft Master, engineering his own modpacks when the existing ones aren't up to snuff. Not one for the limelight, Mint prefers to quietly get things done - that guy that suddenly emerges semingly out of nowhere with the best gear in the game? Yeah, that's Mint.

Mint's video series:
Mint Plays :: The Witcher 3: Dark Hunt



The innuendo factory

MysteryGoat isn't afraid to test the waters on what's funny and what's offensive, especially since what's funny is usually by defintion offensive.



Possessor of legendary facial hair

Another family man, RedBeard is often accompanied by his children when he gets his game on. He's a fairly late addition to the Wrecking Crew, but doing game videos has been a long-time interest of his so he went all-in when given an opportunity to show off his skills or lack thereof.

Red Beard's video series:
RedBeard Plays :: The Witcher 3: Dark Hunt



The merc with a motormouth

If you need running commentary, Vivec is your man. He can go non-stop while still being interesting to listen to. He also likes his games "Nintendo hard," and often deliberately slants the difficulty toward the ridiculous slash insane in an effort to make things as tough as possible. As such, in a game with normal levels of difficulty he is for all intents and purposes unstoppable.