WreckedGamers is a coalition of real-life and online friends that got its start as "Actium," a guild that made a huge splash in the MMO Tera by becoming one of the largest - and more importantly, both most popular and longest lasting - guilds the game had seen. Although the guild included several hundred people, a small but devoted core formed. Over the next few years Actium would expand into scores of games, maintaining a surprisingly good reputation among player bases on each.

While all this was going on, let's-play videos on Youtube finally became enough of a thing to make most of the group say "wouldn't it be nice if..." to the idea of posting game videos and maybe getting a little money from advertising revenue on the side. So, most of the core from Actium also formed a recording group, the "Wrecking Crew," and WreckedGamers was born.

WreckedGamers comes by its name honestly: most of the Wrecking Crew are actually "wrecked" in some way. One member of the group suffers from injuries from an automobile accident, another is medically-discharged ex-military, another has a couple degenerative disorders, yet another nearly died from depression and suffers from the lingering after-effects. And of course we're all mentally deranged in some way or another.

For a little more information on the members of the Wrecking Crew, check the bios page.